Why I  “CAN’T” enjoy sports.

In the last two segments I explored what appeared to be sadness and grief around falling behind that revealed itself to be embarrassment and shame.  That’s the way things go sometimes with self-exploration and digging through ones’ past!

Through this exploration that included writing and making a couple of Tap-Along videos, things got kind of jumbled up.  Not surprising when digging in deeply to explore things that reveal themselves to be interrelated and intertwined

So the two videos I mad the other day, posted yesterday and today, are almost one extended “thought.”  So if this Tap-Along video isn’t quite as coherent and self-contained, that’s why!  Regardless, I hope you gain something from Tapping along with them both!

Here’s what I learned in doing this second video…

As I was preparing to do this Tap-Along video, I realized that the part of me that says I “can’t” enjoy sports would have to admit that it was wrong about that, in order for that viewpoint to change!  Once we’ve “made a commitment” to a position we naturally try to stay consistent to it so we don’t have to admit we were “wrong.” 

As much as I love my kids, this “commitment” meant that I couldn’t enjoy watching their sporting events.  Plus, since I hadn’t done these two sets of Tapping yet, I still had significant pain, anger, embarrassment, and shame associated with ANY level of participation in sports.  

I lost a lot because of this. In addition to what it cost my family,  I’ve never been able to “connect with the guys” because my lack of interest in sports has often gotten in the way there also. 

I doubt I’ll become a sports fan after this, but being able to more comfortably tolerate watching, or perhaps even participating with other equally (un)skilled players might be a possibility.  Time will tell.

Thanks for watching! I look forward to reading the comments you leave below!

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