Tap-Along Video – Tapping After A Fight With A Friend Or Loved One

Sometimes disagreements with friends or loved ones get out of hand and escalate into full blow fights or shouting matches.  Once the damage is done, it is sometimes difficult to reconnect and reengage in the relationship.  Not only are all of the things we’ve said and done during the fight still hanging in the air between us – but the embarrassment about our behavior during the fight still echos in our mind.

While it might take some time to attempt to repair the damage done to the relationship, if it can be salvaged at all, the best first step is to do some tapping and release the emotional upset around it.

Here is a Tap-Along video I made for you that shows how I would start to address a situation like this…

In this case especially, there is likely much more tapping to be done to really get through it.  Invest the time in yourself (even if you think you’re done with the relationship!) and release even more of the emotional upset by using the F.R.A.M.E.

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