About us

Hi, my name is Brad Reed, and I want to welcome you to TapAndBitch.com, where I show you how to release your emotional upset – fast!

Since you’ve come to the About Us page, I’m betting that you’re interested in learning more about me because I’m the author and creator of the materials on this site and also over at my other sites, including TheSecretForLawOfAttraction.com.

This is kind of an “us” thing too, because all of my business lives under Transformation Bay, LLC, and I also have others contribute content to my websites from time to time. 

For more than 25 years I’ve been on a personal journey of discovery trying to figure out “why we do what we do” and trying to stop the problems that creates and eliminate the barriers to building the life we each want.

About 15 years ago I bumped into EFT but didn’t understand it’s significance until I studied the subconscious mind some more and put together the rest of the puzzle pieces.

About a decade ago I started to understand the full impact of what I’d learned and discovered about the subconscious mind and clearing away the “little demons” that cause the blocks in our everyday life.

This technique worked so well for me that I

  • Invested in studying live with the creator of EFT, Gary Craig…
  • Earned my EFT certification though his program…
  • Had one of my case studies highlighted in his news letter and on the official EFT web site – emofree.com

EFT is just one of the “healing modalities” in which I’m trained – a fact which brings additional perspective and leverage to eliminating the blocks which are hidden in your subconscious mind.  I’m an Electrical Engineer by training (not a doctor of any kind!) so I bring an interesting mix of both right-brain and left-brain viewpoints to everything I do in life.

My personal crusade started…

  • After the debut of The Secret there was lots of attention on “how to manifest what you want” that basically boiled down to “focus better and try harder” – rather than addressing the real problem.
  • I was saddened by the intense frustration of people who were not able to manifest their dreams because of the hidden road blocks that stop most people.
  • And I was incensed by all of the self judgment that was being induced in people by those “false promises,” that I knew I had to do something.

You see, I can relate to you as someone who has battled with the blocks that his own personal history created.

I was able to successfully find the key to quickly and easily removing those blocks – and now I’m here to help you.

One of the biggest challenges with EFT and Tapping in general is figuring out what to say.  That’s why I created TapAndBitch.com to help people get past that roadblock.  In this site, not only can you find the EFT Quick Start Video Learning System, which I created, but also the Tap And Bitch Technique training.

I recommend using EFT and Tapping every day.  Being an entrepreneur can be challenging at times and most days I find myself using tapping more than once, and often several times in a day.  Sometimes I’m tapping around releasing an upset, other times it’s around some (self imposed) limitation or belief, or even sometimes it is self-sabotage that I’ve spotted within me and my behavior.

I’ve often said, if your heart has beat more than twice, you probably have lived long enough to have something to tap on! 😉