Tapping for the little things – The jerk who cut you off in traffic

Sometimes in life it’s the little things that can really get to you.  I know I’ve had those days when it seems like the “little things” do their best to try and show up all at once so they can add to the pile of annoyances and ruin your day. 

The best thing we can do, in order to live a peaceful and happy life, is to exterminate these little upsets by tapping them out of existence as soon as they happen!

Of course we could do the same thing we have usually done in the past – just letting them hop onto that pile of “little things” that seem like they are really hardly annoying enough to bother with.  They’ll be fine there…really…waiting for us to take the time to tap on them, all the while building up and festering as part of the pile

Sometimes we may even try to take the viewpoint that we are “bigger than that” and perhaps even “more evolved” on our spiritual path than to really allow these “minor little annoyances” to bother us.  They are just a normal part of life after all!

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to live an extraordinary life rather than just a “normal” one.  So when I find these “annoying little friends” showing up in my day, I take the time to exterminate them with a few moments worth of tapping.

The challenge, of course, is to figure out what to say while you’re tapping, particularly if you’re relatively new to tapping.  Because they are “annoying little things” in the grand scheme of things, the Tap And Bitch technique is a perfect match for these situations.

You can start with a setup something like this (while tapping on the Karate Chop Spot):

  •  “Even though showed up in my life, and I think I should be “bigger” than to let it bother me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
  • “Even though showed up in my life, and I almost feel guilty for letting it bother me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”
  • “Even though and it’s getting far more of my time and energy than it deserves, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway, and I choose to release it’s influence on me.”

While tapping through the points (EB, SE, UE, UN, CH, CB, UA, Top) several times, simply describe what happened as if you were watching a movie of it.  Sometimes this is enough to be able to “let it go” and be done with it.

However, if there is ANY emotional upset left you can F.R.A.M.E it the way I show you in the Tap And Bitch Technique Training inside the members area.

  • FEEL: Do at least two rounds of tapping through each of the points while describing how you feel about what happened. 
  • RESPONSE: Then do another two round of tapping – one round on your response in the moment (what did you do) and one round what you would do now that you have 20/20 hindsight. 
  • ACTIONS: Then do another round of tapping while describing the actions you took during and/or after the event – (things like having to “clean up the mess” as a result of what happened. As a bonus, you can describe how you feel about having to take those actions!) 
  • MEANING: Next, tap through a round or to describing the meaning that you assigned to the event – both during and after the event.  (Finish the sentence, ” means… .” What does it mean about about you, or about them, or about the situation. You’re looking for things like “blame” so you can neutralize it.)
  • EVENTS: Describe what happened in vivid detail, in order to test and see if there is any emotional upset left.  If there is, then do some more tapping.  If there isn’t, see if any “earlier similar” situations come to mind and tap them into oblivion also!

For those of you who like to tap-along with someone, here are links to a Tap-Along Video, Audio, and Script in the members area that addresses the upset around “The jerk who cut me off in traffic.” You can start “borrowing the benefits” while you tap along.  Simply take a moment to get really clear about, and focus on, that “annoying little thing” that has you upset before you start tapping along with the program.  Go through it a couple of times if necessary, and be sure to F.R.A.M.E it with your own words.

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