Who’s got your back?

That’s a really tough question to face for lots of people.  Unfortunately, being married doesn’t seem to help. 

Who’s got your back?
55% said nobody.
…60% of those were married.

Unfortunately, I was definitely in that 60% when I was married, and I’m still in the 55%.  The up-side is that I’ve become more self-sufficient and self-reliant over the years.  The down-side is that I’ve definitely become much more isolated, and while the pandemic definitely accelerated it, it was an existing trend. 

In another week I’ll be getting my second Fauci ouchie and a few weeks after that I’ll consider myself “protected” to a higher degree than before.  I’ll still be doing my part with social distancing, but I will be much less  concerned in general, and only mildly concerned when I’m around groups of others who are fully vaccinated. 

I’m hoping that some of the MeetUp groups I was a part of a few years ago will be starting back up and full of fully vaccinated people to socialize with again.  At a minimum, the seasons are changing, and better weather means more opportunities to enjoy the out of doors.  

Only time will tell how things unfold over the next year or two, but I’m hopeful that the worst of it is behind us, at least locally, and in-person social opportunities will become the norm again.  I’ve never had “enough friends” and I’d really like to start collecting  a whole bunch of them to enjoy interacting with over the next decades.

Informal survey: Who has your back?
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