When guessing, there’s often more than meets the eye…

I love it when I get feedback on my guesses!  In yesterday’s post about Fear of being seen on video… I made some guesses about what was going on that was challenging my friend when she goes to record a video.  I was right about some things, and there was much more to the story than meets the eye!

Because I’m focused on helping people resolve issues that are usually related to Crappy Childhoods and Awful Adult Experiences, I sometimes (like this time) miss a more logical and obvious cue in identifying the “problem.” 

My friend is a subject matter expert who often views delivering her content through academic standards.  What that means is that she is very careful to deliver accurate, factual, and reference-backed information.  That creates a very high burden when producing material that can be reviewed, like a written document or a video.  

It sounds like it is easier for her to do live presentations because her spoken words are transient and don’t linger in a physical form that can be reviewed.  She still works toward delivering those same high standards, but she realizes that in that moment she is speaking (and not being recorded) there is more flexibility to not have to cite each and every detail, source, and statistic.

Plus, in a live presentation, she gets to follow the visual cues from the audience and adjust her content delivery in real-time.  If she sees “blank faces” she can provide additional details and explanations in order to resolve any confusion.

“But because I like to be clear; not to confuse people.  I will tend to provide “over complete info” when I don’t get any feedback.  That is in real life (as with your face on “numb”) and therefor also on camera.”

In her message to me she went on to explain one of the challenges she faces as an academic subject matter expert.  She knows so much that as she is talking through an unscripted video, her mind is constantly thinking about the academic accuracy of the statements she’s making and what those citations would be.

That’s a LOT of noise going on in her head questioning all of the details, so it is no wonder that she finds creating live, unscripted videos challenging

After contemplating it for a while, I’m not sure what sort of Tap-Along Video I could make to help her address this.  I don’t see it as a “problem” that can be solved with Tapping because I don’t currently see where she might have an “internal block” that could be addressed with Tapping.  The things she is bumping into are all logical considerations that go along with her professional status as a subject matter expert.

She indicated in her message that she will start working on creating a different type of content.  If she’s focused on delivering education, then citations are appropriate.  Shifting to a different focus for her content may relieve her of that burden with the result being an easier time creating content she can publish. 

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