Tapping for a Fear of Needles…

The other day after I had received my “Fauci Ouchie” injection I was sitting for 15 minutes in the waiting area near the nurses’ station.  The woman next to me wasn’t feeling well and mentioned that it was probably because she is very scared of needles.  The nurse concurred and said that it’s not unusual for someone with such a fear because their body is recovering from the Adrenalin rush associated with that peak moment of fear. 

Her needle fear reminded me of the people I’ve helped with their fear of flying, and fear of heights, by leading them  through a few rounds of EFT Tapping.  I’m always happily amazed at how quickly most fears like that can be reduced from a very high intensity level to most often a zero intensity level in 3-5 minutes

As I sat there I wondering what her experience would have been like that day if I’d have met her 45 minutes earlier and shown her how to Tap.  While we will never know, I’m willing to bet she would have felt better, and would have had an easier time with it all.

While it’s too late to help her with that incident, I decided to put together the Fear Of Needles Tap-Along Video to help you (or someone you know) reduce their fear of needles.  After Tapping-Along with this video, its very likely your next encounter with “fear of needles” will be much less intense!

Thanks for Tapping along with me today.  Please leave a comment below and let me know how that went for you!

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