Just-in-case vs. Just-in-time learning

The difference between those two really hit home for me today.  I’ve been doing a LOT of Just-in-case learning over the years.  I’ve collected LOTS of information, and information products that “I might need SOMEDAY” and still haven’t needed yet! 

I’m going to attempt to be more focused on discerning what I actually need to learn how to do rather than simply gathering yet more information.

Danny Iny completed his LIFT event today and I was one of the virtual attendees.  Danny has a very poignant saying that he has printed on both Mugs and Shirts that he sent to us: “Life is Short.  Do stuff that matters.”

“Life is Short. Do stuff that matters.”

Danny iny

I need to do more things that matter to ME, especially that matter to me right now, rather than hoping that the outcomes that I might be able to produce someday will matter to me then.  I’ve been way too future and someday focused.  I’m 60 now.  I am very likely in the last third of my life if not the last quarter or fifth of my life.  We never know when our time will be up. 

I joke about how when my dad passed at 88 years old, I took over his life’s ambition – To be shot at the age of 101, by a jealous husband, as I’m climbing out the bedroom window!  While that may get a chuckle out of some people (and an eye roll from others) I go on to say that… If I make it to 101 I’m doing well, If I can make a husband jealous at 101 I’m doing great, and if I can climb out of a bedroom window at 101 I’m doing fantastic!  Then I go on to point out that I said “shot” not “shot and killed!” with a glimmer in my eye.

What’s your “life’s ambition?” Please share in the comments below!

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