I’ve been feeling that sense of unrest that sometimes proceeds breakdowns and/or breakthroughs.  I’m pretty sure now that breakthrough are coming, even if I’m not exactly sure what kind they will be.

I have a Louise Hay daily calendar and for today it says, “Today I feel reborn. I am free from the past, and I joyously welcome the new.”  I also ran into an awesome post on LinkedIn that was gone when I re-visited that tab in my browser.  It had a similar message about change and good things coming. (Note To Self: ALWAYS at least Like the post so it will show up in your LinkedIn feed and you can find it again!)

Today I feel reborn. I am free from the past, and I joyously welcome the new.

Louise Hay daily calendar April 15, 2021

I’m also participating in Danny Iny’s 3-day virtual LIFT program that started today.  I had a free coaching session with a wonderful woman named Kristin Vesa.  We have a surprising amount in common, which really helped her to understand where I was coming from during the coaching call.  She used to be an Industrial Engineer, while I used to be an Electrical Engineer, and as she said no one never REALLY stops being an engineer, our focus just changes, as do the problems we’re solving!  She did a great job of listening to the challenges and opportunities I have in front of me right now and gave me some very intuitive and great advice that will definitely help me move forward with my bigger picture objectives.  I hope I have an opportunity to build a friendship with her and plan to stay in touch even if I don’t join Danny’s coaching program…which I kind of doubt I will right now.

So that’s it for me today.  I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment belowWhat changes to you foresee in your near (or long term) future? 

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